The name of “Matsunagi” is said to come from a place to which Yoshitsune Minamoto tied his horse. “Matsunagi is familiar to people as a birthplace where "Sunatori-bushi (a song sung when they carry sand)" and “Matsunagi-Oiwake (a farmers’ working song)” of Ishikawa Prefecture Intangible Cultural Property.
This song was sung when workers at Agehama carried the sand from the paddies into the boat. The song describes how hard work their job is and they are only waiting for sundown and finish their work.

*"Sunatori-bushi” has been designated as the intangible folk cultural property of Ishikawa Prefecture, on February 26, 1968.
“Kiriko Drum” is said a festival song for driving away evil spirits and celebrating rich-harvest and rich-fishing.
In the Noto districts of more than a hundred, the Kiriko festival is held during from early July 7 to mid-October.