Jul.5, 2013 We began to sell a "Ageshio Milk Candy". NEWred
Jul.5, 2013 We began to sell a "Ageshio Throat Candy". NEWred
May 15, 2013 We began to sell a "Ageshio Candy".
Jan.10, 2013 We exhibit our products in "Ishikawa Kodawari Fair".
From Jan.8 to Feb.6
Sep. 3, 2012 We began to sell a "Ageshio Koji".
Sep. 3, 2012 We decided to choose an image character name.
Jun. 1, 2012 We started recruiting an image character name.
Feb. 1, 2012 We published our web site.
The salt of Agehamanoshio, "Ageshio-salt", is the salt, made at the seaside areas of Matsunagi town and Sasanami town (beach villages in Agehama), Suzu city, Ishikawa Prefecture, the Oku-Noto district, that has traditionally been produced in an old fashioned way in which they produce salt by concentrating seawater using the sand at the seashore. Taking advantage of the benefit of nature, "Ageshio-salt" is produced in the old fashioned way of the Agehama-style salt production method.

In the villages of Agehama, the areas of traditional culture, workers still sing a working song (Sunatori-bushi (sand-carrying and work song)) while they are putting sand in a boat to carry from the Agehama-style salt paddles.

The original point of our salt production is to pass along the benefit of the nature and the traditional taste of the salt to the next generation.